Job Offer

A 2-year postdoc position is available in the Cytomorpholab in Grenoble.

Understanding what regulates cell size is a fundamental question in biology. Many organelles and subcellular structures can adapt their size to the growth or shape changes of the cell. Among those, the actin cytoskeleton can form different stable while dynamic intracellular architectures that play a major role in the structural plasticity of cells in response to such changes. However, the mechanisms of scaling of the actin networks with cell size are still poorly understood. In particular, how the cells adapt the turnover and organization of their numerous structures with cell size remains unknown.

The cytomorpholab developed a unique expertise in studying cytoskeleton from complementary approaches. By coupling micropatterning techniques with photoablation and traction force microscopy, previous work from the lab demonstrated the mechanical impact of stress fibers and the surrounding cortical mesh in the magnitude of forces produced by cells (Vignaud T., Nat Mat, 2021). Our lab also recently used tubulin microinjection to demonstrate microtubule self-repair in living cells (Gazzola M., Current Biol, 2023). By combining the use of enucleated cell with micropatterns, we also made key findings about the role of the actomyosin network geometry in centrosome positioning (Jimenez AJ., Current Biol, 2021). Thanks to these advanced techniques, the postdoc candidate will be able to address the question of the impact of cell size on actin organisation, dynamics and turnover in an original way. The selected researcher will have a unique opportunity to be part of an internationally renowned team, working in a creative and lively environment, and will have access to state of the art techniques.

Motivated candidates are encouraged to apply by sending their CV and motivation letter to Laurent Blanchoin ( and Manuel Thery (